Our EV/HEV Die Testing Cell is Now Operating

For over 70 years, Oberg Industries has been an pioneer of tungsten-carbide tooling innovations. As a contract manufacturing partner to the world’s leading motor manufacturers and OEMs, we design custom dies to efficiently produce loose and interlocked thin laminations, as well as other metal components. With that legacy of expertise, we are proud to announce our commitment to the future with our new EV/HEV Die Testing Cell. Our engineers are ready to support your tooling needs for the next generation of transportation.

CLICK HERE to view the latest footage of our EV Die testing cell and to download our laminations info and capabilities sheet.

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Die Design Milestones

1950 – First rotor-stator lamination die

1980 – First interlocked lamination die

1983 – First interlocked and rotated lamination die

2015 – First ultra-thin interlocked lamination die

Read our article, “Stamping Die Precision,” Appearing in the July 2019 issue of Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Technology International.

The dedicated cell in our tooling center includes a state-of-the-art decoiler, feed, straightener, and EV press to develop and trial the stamping dies as part of customer acceptance.

EV Try Out Cell

Tools can be designed to produce individual loose laminations and/or designed to stack laminations in the tool through mechanical interlocking or gluing.

Collaboration between the OEM and its tooling partner is critical to determining the right specifications for a long-lasting, high performance die.

Specialized and proprietary equipment for manufacture of large, precision EV tooling, including 4-axis wire cut EDM, C-Axis Grinders and Jig Grinding techniques.

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